3D FRIENDS, Almost Sold Out, Triangle Fire, Gutter Boat

Almost Sold Out is a Los Angeles based 5 piece alternative/semi-psychedelic rock band. Formed in 2018, the band focuses on having an eclectic body of work and never playing the same show twice.

3D FRIENDS is an American indie-pop group originally from Austin, TX. It was formed in 2009 as a solo project of singer-songwriter Daniel Chavez Wright. In 2010, Dan C. Wright’s single “Lina Magic” was chosen as the theme song for MTV’s North American version of the hit television show “Skins”. His music has been featured on many notable productions, including MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, The CW’s “Supergirl”, and ABC’s “Revenge”.
Dan C. Wright’s music style has been compared to singer-songwriter Elliott Smith and Thomas Mars from the French alternative band Phoenix by the American radio journalist Nic Harcourt.

Triangle Fire is a 4 piece, 21st Century rock n roll band that plays all across Los Angeles. In early fall, their debut LP, “Everything Works” will be released, bringing their friendly-neighborhood song form to the masses.

Relying mostly on drums and guitar, Gutter Boat chugs along with an air of indifference and an infatuation with rebellious melodic leads that create their youthful spirit.


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