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NKRIOT is an electronic music pioneer, inventor, and founder of a new art genre concept called Goji. Formed in the summer of 2013 in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights, California, NKRIOT began as a chip-tune, cyberpunk project, that eventually transformed into full-scale self-designed music project which eventually led to the creation of the Goji movement.
NKRIOT live has a unique high energy performance which features a custom setup that includes hardware that is designed and built from scratch. During his performances, the audience gets to experience the prominent brilliance that makes the half man-half robot a distinctive original artist. In Summer of 2017, NKRIOT underwent a 12-week hiatus to write, record and self-produced his debut album under his independent label based locally in Boyle Heights, CA ‘NKRIOT Productions’. “RIOT” released in June of 2017, gained fervor and momentum as being a dark dance hymn, including the single ‘’Reality Pages’’. The single is a rhythmic (Four on the Floor) euphoric anthem, led by a trance-inducing dirty sub bass, followed by a grievous and nurturing vocal timbre. Reminiscent of artists who provided the late-nite underground soundtracks to crowded dancefloors filled with club kids, ’RIOT’ will guide a new generation of these house devotees, before the sun rises.

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