ell, The Murder of Jane Crow, Kamikaze Zombie, Æthenoth

precious metal from Austin TX

witches with a brooding incantation.
ghosts on a mournful errand.
we are Elves of the Dark Order, in service to our Lady of the Shadows.

the siren song is called 'precious metal.'

The Murder of Jane Crow

Classically-inspired gypsy ballads from Birmingham AL

The Murder of Jane Crow is ruffling feathers around the world with their unique fusion of goth, cabaret, classical music and gypsy storytelling, at once theatrical and deeply personal. Vocalist Jane Grace, and classical guitarist Jimmy Branham support pianist and composer Jane Crow as they soar into emotional highs of true love and happiness, only to swoop back down again into the depths of despair. Fans have lauded the group for their delightfully expressive, unashamed, and powerful presence. A truly original act!

Kamikaze Zombie

horror punk, gutter punk,noise rock, shock rock, thrash metal,stoner, doom, black metal from Birmingham AL

Kamikaze Zombie started in 2014. They are heavy band from Birmingham Al, with multiple influences from hard rock, metal and punk. All of these very different influences led them to become their own genre of heavy music with multiple styles flowing through every KZ song. Kamikaze Zombie pushes to bring "old school" back to the masses with horror movie, serial killer themed stage shows and lyrics, black metal melodies, doom/sludge/death metal breakdowns, and in your face punk /thrash aggression.



doom, death, tinges of psychedelic from Birmingham AL

Allen Eaton - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Hendrix - Drums, Vocals.

Heavy doom /death, exploratory jazz and classic metal. Our approach is chaos-based, so we might do just any goddamned thing. You have been warned.



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