LEADR, CAT, Stardust Life, Myke Anthony

LEADR is a Los Angeles-based producer, singer and songwriter, who embodies his uplifting and positive motifs through music. His sound harmonizes his ethereal, idyllic vocals with multi-layered samples, incorporating live instrumentation with atmospheric electronic beats. His influences encompass everything from classical to jazz to house, a dreamy concoction that transports his followers above time and space. Since the age of 10, LEADR knew he was destined for a career in music; the New Jersey native followed this inspiration and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream, with which he hopes to inspire and stimulate the world.

CAT is a New Wave junkie who can’t drink black coffee. With her sultry songbird tones and dark synth, CAT Identifies as an Art Pop Singer/Songwriter influenced by pop culture and style. Using elements of Classic Rock and Pop, her songs are expressive and playful with lyrics that romanticize the mundane in everyday life.

Hello, we are David Vaughn and Ashley Baldwin. Stardust Life is our pop rock vocal duo and our way of life. We truly believe in the words "never give up" on whatever matters the most to you. Living the Stardust Life is about being who you really are, and the journey of discovery that gets you there. Be positive in life, and be fearless. Everyone, and everything around us, is made of stardust. It's the timeless cosmic ingredient that connects us, recycled again and again through the years for all eternity. When we are touched by love, the good times, the hard times, we come alive. We are all living the Stardust Life!

Myke Anthony

Myke Anthony is a Los Angeles Based Singer/Songwriter and Multi Instrumentalist. Influenced by many, His unique New Age style often resembles sounds of Robert Plant, Jeff Buckley, Mac DeMarco, and many more. Born in Philadelphia, Grew as a South Jersey small town native, Now living in the big city to follow his dreams and aspirations.



  • 7:15 - Myke Anthony
  • 8:00 - CAT
  • 8:45 - LEADR with TXVX
  • 9:50 - Stardust Life

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