Admiral, Cure For Pain, King Dead


Chase Demos - Drums, vocals
Jake Johnson - bass, vocals
Tommy Meyer - Guitar, vocals

Cure For Pain

Cure For Pain are, without a doubt, a little left of the left of center. Some may wonder how this came to be. Has quarantine in Denver, CO insulated them from mainstream influence? Is it simply self-destructive obsessive/compulsive behavior stemming from daily immersion in xenophobic pop culture? Was it a nefarious plot of the c.i.a. whose virus transmogrified them into zombies with an insatiable appetite for burritos, but nothing to feed on but granola/falafel eating hippies/yuppies? Help yourself to the genre-defying sound and scathing social commentary of Cure For Pain and you be the judge. Bon appetite!

King Dead

$10.00 - $15.00


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