Shake 'N' Vibrate featuring LIVE performance from SadGirl

Shake 'N' Vibrate

Shake N Vibrate is a monthly all-vinyl dance-off hosted by DJ B The T Jr. at Cafe Nine.

All Soul. All Funk. All Punk. All Glam. All Tribes Welcome. Always FREE. Mostly at 45RPM.

On a full moon, SadGirl mysteriously surfaced out of the pacific and staggered onto the streets of LA. Cousins Misha Lindes (guitar/vocals), Paul Caruso (drums), and Dakota Peterson (bass) don’t remember much of their childhood - it was submerged at the bottom of the murky sea -

But now, the lo-fi, surf-wop trio is making waves. Proclaimed one of LA’s Hardest-Working Bands by Oh My Rockness, SadGirl delivers an iconic, “DIY” package of sound and image, complete with logo and merch designs equally fashionable and punk rock.

Like a twisted marriage between Roy Orbison and The Cramps (ordained by Link Wray), SadGirl invokes the music of a by-gone era. But don’t be fooled, these aren’t the tunes from Uncle Jimmy’s juke box …



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