Eve to Adam

Eve to Adam

NYC'S guitar-driven, anthemic rock band EVE TO ADAM is not content to re-hash the same old song of yesterday, in the name of the all-mighty buck. They understand their why: To reignite Rock. After four studio albums, a decade of touring, and surviving a number of industry shifts, they also know where the buck stops. And this isn't a band that's passing it along. They've remained consistent in their vision, consistent in their intention, and consistent in their determination to play it forward, regardless of the current trend in fashion, style or fad of the day.


Exhale is a 4-piece, original rock band out of the Boston, MA area.

Genre - Rock / Hard Rock / Grunge / Progressive

Band Members
Corey McLane - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Songwriter
John Burns - Drums/Backing Vocals/Songwriter
Matt Vigeant - Bassist/Backing Vocals
Mike Fintonis - Lead Guitar

A Perfect Circle, Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin, HURT, Seether, Alter Bridge, Collective Soul

$8.00 - $10.00


21+ with valid ID to enter.

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