Kiersten Kelly, RiKi, Lily Lyon, Sarathi

Kiersten Kelly

With over 700,00 views from her viral YouTube video of, ‘The Cup Song’, reaching a world-wide audience, Kiersten Kelly is a name to know If pure passion could be vocalized, Kiersten Kelly’s striking voice would ​take the prize. By her first breath, the whole room is in awe of her powerhouse vocals. However, if you listen close, you’ll find her lyrics are raw, seeping with emotion. With the way her charisma and sassy attitude controls any room, Kiersten is an artist to watch.
Kiersten is proof that success has many different stories. She’s gone through obstacles to get where she is today; from fighting the fear of doubt to finding ways to adapt to her physical difference. Her determination combined with her talent sets her apart from your average artist.
She speaks her truth through lyrics. Kiersten always had an interest in songwriting and pursued the opportunity to learn and grow her skill set at Berklee College of Music where she attended
for four years as a full-scholarship student.
Kiersten loves the spotlight but is also very active behind-the-scenes. She’s part of every detail when it comes to planning projects. Kiersten loves being involved in every aspect and strives to make everything the best that it can be.
Originally from Pennsylvania, Kiersten is currently living in Los Angeles preparing for the debut of her self-titled EP.


RiKi is a indi-rock singer songwriter.
Through her powerful voice and dramatic songs, RiKi evokes a feel similar to that of Adelle, Amy Winehouse and Lorde while infusing her songs with musical compositions inspired by the musicians from Coldplay to Janis Joplin.
Her sound, while unique and her own, has a familiarity to it that listeners across all markets and age groups find attractive. Radio play, publishing, licensing, all are all within her sights as her first EP, ‘Head Over Heart’, is out on all music markets including iTunes and Spotify.

Brazilian American Pop Artist, Lily Lyon, is heavily influenced by the sounds and stories she grew up with. Inspired by her parents' leadership in the Brazilian community of their hometown in the east coast, she found her self-drawn to the unity that came as a consequence of music and dancing. Lily Lyon started writing at an early age and has explored singing and creating in various sub-genres of rock and pop. Lily's desire is to expose the underrepresented sound of Brazil within both the pop and Latin community. Her debut Single, "Boi" is just the beginning of what is yet to come.

Northern Californian producer, songwriter, and vocalist, Sarathi hails from the tech driven city of Cupertino. Sarathi grew up learning and performing Indian classical
music throughout his childhood and teen years. Coming from a family of immigrants, most of the music he heard was from India except for two albums that his parents would play by Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Other than the
two legends, he is also influenced by Queen, Radiohead, and Stevie Wonder.
Currently, he is living in LA and collaborating with musicians and writing new material for future releases. He just released his second single, Lighthouse, which is now available in all streaming services.

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  • 10:20 - Sarathi

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