Ancient River (Outdoor/Patio Stage)

Ancient River

Ancient River is a band formed out of the U.S. The bands sound is an eclectic mix from psychedelic influences of the 60's & 70's, garage, grunge, shoegaze, stoner rock, raunchy blues, surf inspired & folk. Ancient River currently have 6 official releases and a 24 hour streaming radio station on their official website, which features tracks from the albums along with countless unreleased material.

Heavy psych grunge with bong rips

The Black Mariah Theatre

The Black Mariah Theater is a jazz/blues/rock duo formed by twin sisters Sophia and Analiese Motta. Influenced by the likes of Billie Holiday, The Black Keys, The Cold War Kids, and Chet Baker, The Kills; they perform their takes on classic blues and jazz songs as well as original tunes. Located in Kansas City.

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