Youngblood Brass Band

Youngblood Brass Band

The Youngblood Brass Band is an ensemble spread all over the USA (Madison, WI / New York, NY / San Francisco, CA / Chicago, IL) focused on creating consistently progressive, acoustic, ground-breaking music.

D.H. Skogen - snare drum & MC
Tom Reschke - bass drum
Moses Patrou - percussion
Jonah Gaster - percussion
Arian Macklin - sausaphone
Charley Wagner - trumpet
Mike Boman - trumpet
Tony Barba - saxophones
Zach Lucas - saxophones
Jerome Harper - trombone
Matt Hanzelka - trombone

Shark Buffalo

Shark Buffalo is the freshest band roaming the music scene of Glacial Lake Missoula. Created by members of local funk powerhouse Shakewell, Emmet Ore, Cove Jasmin, and Tanner Fruit ooze funky grooves during their live improvisations. Both apex predator and apex prey, Shark Buffalo is a wild hybrid of opposite ends of the musical food chain, where synthesizers and acoustic elements combine DNA to sire a futuristic sound all its own.



All tickets are general admission standing room only with limited bench seating available on a first come first served basis.

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