San Francisco based singer, writer and composer, Aish, transforms his tumultuous childhood, estrangement from family, his struggles with sexuality and his migration across continents into grand landscapes of cinematic pop music constructed with layered vocals, strings, harp, metallophones and electronics.

With the release of Promise Me and Migrant in 2017, Aish emerged with a distinctive art pop aesthetic, deftly combining intricate vocal arrangements, classical chamber and contemporary electronic music. Aish's debut full length album, Mother, came out on March 30th, 2018 with positive press and audience reception.

"Art-pop up and comer." --Vice

Singer-songwriter Whitney Tai is doing something that is rare into today’s musical landscape: She’s walking along the cutting edge of pop and indie without sacrificing emotional honesty - or integrity. ‘80's and 90's pop had every emotion and the authenticity was there. It wasn’t sterile’, Tai recently stated. ‘I want to bring substance and human connection back, even in a digital world.’

Tai hopes that her emotive dream pop can do for others what it did for her: Heal from deep emotional and spiritual wounds. It’s part of the journey that started when Tai lost her mother to cancer when she was only 10 years old. Losing the one person who always encouraged her to pursue her creative passions led to a number of health issues including bouts with severe anxiety, depression and weight loss. But it was during this dark period that Tai would channel her feelings into songs and poems and sparked her to fulfill her mother’s pearls of wisdom into pursue a life of performing.

That sense of loss and longing found it’s way into her debut single, ‘To Be Loved’, a song in which Spacelab.TV called Tai ‘a natural talent who has the huge range to match her ambition’. Her debut album ‘Metamorphosis’, was a sweeping 7 song suite that captured the culmination of resolve and rebirth from those extraordinary challenges. Anchored by the melodic, cinematic production of chart topping producer Tim Janssens, aka Sunfreakz, Tai was put in the same conversation with artists such as Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, M83 and her personal musical influence, Sarah McLachlan. She quickly followed it up with Forever, an EP, which built upon Metamorphosis’ lyrical introspection in the classic pop/rock singer-songwriter vein. Pure Volume stated that ‘Falling’, the lead track from Forever, ‘accentuates the budding singer’s promise and it is a strong sign of what should be a bright future’.

Range was the key word for Tai heading into 2016. Teaming up once again with Sunfreakz, they released a series of singles that showed off her eclectic musical tasted and lights out vocal dynamics. ‘Truth Be Told’ saw her move into electro pop and featured a club remix from acclaimed Swedish producer LA Rush (Justin Timberlake, Avicii, Garett Emery). The jazz flavored ‘Good At Being Bad’ showed that pop can sensual, melodramatic and smart at the same time. An extended trip through Europe served as fuel for two distinctive different singles. ‘How Was I Supposed To Know’ marked a return to the introspective dream pop that put her on the map. It was anchored by a breathtaking video of Tai elegantly walking amidst some of the most pristine and surreal edges of the European landscape. In the summer of 2017, Tai and Sunfreakz upped the tempo - and temperatures with the release of ‘Shockwave’. The pop infused club banger featured a buff Tai out on the beaches of Portugal and St. Tropez, conveying the fire and the passion behind the lyric. Success was immediate: it was named one of the Top 20 Summer Hits of 2017 by Eurodance Blog of Romania and received heavy spins on ‘Line Out With Door Dekel’, the weekly club show on Tel Aviv’s top rated music station 100FM. The Interrobang called ‘Shockwave’, ‘the most visually stimulating video of the summer’. The Hard Rock Cafe Times Square also picked up the clip and now it’s heavily featured in all of their cafes around the world.

After wowing audiences in New York City, Tai is repeating her success in Los Angeles, quickly becoming a fixture as such iconic venues as The Whisky. She’s also hard at work with Sunfreakz on her second full length album with the goal of transforming her darkest hours into a symphonic healing balm for all to hear. "I want to inspire the inner rebel in everyone to take control of their dreams and creative pathways.’

Dagmar is an indie classical, harmony-driven female duo located in the San Francisco Bay Area from their prairie homeland of Iowa. A new music project with history, Gemma Cohen (vocals, bass) and Miranda Mallard (vocals, keyboard, guitar) are Dagmar's core. They have attained sister status after having sung together for over 8 years in the trio Rock Paper Scissors, and now in Dagmar since 2014.

Gemma and Miranda create original music while rocking their curly manes and singing from the depths of their souls. Harmonies continue to be a staple for this duo along with influences ranging from Phillip Glass to the Fleet Foxes. Dagmar's sound is raw, challenging, a vulnerable vocal driven exposition of Medieval harmonies and uncrumpled diaries.

For Now

Alex and Zeina are For Now. They live in Oakland, CA. They love each other and Kate Bush.

w/ Dario Slavazza (dj set)

//perfect sound forever// Music maker and coordinator. Music Curator for @feedfm


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