Ancient River’s wall-of-sound barrage has been honed in by extensive touring and their non-stop drive, to bring a different artistic approach to each and every release over the last 11 years. Including an EP for Sony Music Publishing/KPM Shorts after Sony heard Keeper Of The Dawn. Which then lead to the band being featured as NME Magazine's Radar Band.

Ancient River which is comprised of guitarists/vocalist/brainchild James Barreto and drummer Alexis Cordova. The two have an expansive dreamy rock'n roll sound that has lead to appearance at -- Austin Psych Fest [Levitation] (2010 & 2012), Desert Stars Festival (2016), Milwaukee Psych Festival (2015 & 2017) Reverence Festival Portugal (2015 Europe), Psychedelic Revolution Festival France (2015 Europe), Psycho De Mayo Los Angeles (2014), Desert Stars Festival Pre-Party (2014) and Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (2012 UK), Columbus Psych Fest (2017)

It all began in 2000, as James Barreto was making frequent trips to Gainesville, Florida to play with The Ohm, his instrumental psychedelic band which thrived on instant creation and a home grown DIY ethic. Over the next few years he began recording local bands, producing several albums while creating music for local independent films. It was out of this period of musical exploration that Ancient River was born. Barreto’s house soon grew into a fully-fledged home studio/rehearsal space, where like-minded musicians could be found tirelessly sharpening their wide range of sounds, encapsulating everything from noisy shoegaze to psychedelia to classic Americana.
Locked away in the pursuit of his sonic vision, it wasn’t long before James earned himself a reputation as a musical hermit. With the addition of bassist/drummer Alex Cordova in 2011, Ancient River encamped into James’s home studio and after recording multiple albums filled with the sounds of timeless American fuzz rock and reverb-soaked garage-psych grooves, they hit the road in 2012 and have never looked back!

Not only touring in the USA during 2012, James also set up a studio in London and was living and flying between the two countries for 4 years. There he recorded new music and set up tours for the USA with Summer Moon & Co. which lead to 2014 and 2015 having huge momentum touring twice a year, each for 4 months long, including a European and UK tour.

Now based out of Austin, Texas Ancient River are headed out on a whirlwind two and a half month, 58-stop tour across the country in the Summer, bring a new live show with enormous sounds and visuals.

Teddy Boys are a 7 piece rock-n-roll explosion from Cleveland, OH. Drawing from 60's garage rock, pop, blues, and other stuff from their dad's old record collection, the Teds mix these influences together into a modern sound with multiple vocalists and tons of energy. This translates into a powerful live show which has captivated many audiences around Cleveland and the midwest.

In 2013, Teddy Boys released their first full-length album, Social Club. After spending some time supporting the album, the band went back to the studio with producer Jim Wirt and released the Black Hills EP in November 2014. The Boys frequently play shows in Cleveland and the surrounding area, and are currently working on a self-produced second album.

Holy Daughters

Draped in velvet and blessed by the sun, Holy Daughters is a four-headed babe from Cleveland, Ohio. Drop out of school and find a pool.

$8.00 - $10.00


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