Froggy Fresh

Froggy Fresh

The Internet tells a legend of a kid named Froggy Fresh who fought a great white

shark and mastered Youtube. These are but a few of his vast accomplishments,

which include being endorsed by John Cena and featured on Tosh.0 but also being a

good best friend and recovering neighborhood kid’s stolen bikes. Formerly known

as Krispy Kreme, a cease and desist rendered a fan-voted name change and the

name 'Froggy Fresh' was chosen over 'Jelly Bean Jack'. Enduring a naming, branding,

and content change, Money Maker (Re-Loaded) still debuted and peaked at No. 3 on

the Billboard Comedy Album chart. After 5 years of being shrouded in mystery,

Froggy Fresh has decided to transition to being a comedic actor and move to LA, but

not without teaming up with DJ Justin Aswell to do a live tour first. This summer

catch the “Baddest of them All” while you can.



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