Zack Adams

In my early years, I maintained a casual relationship with music: first as a piano student, then a choir boy, later a jazz-obsessed saxophone player. I fell for rock and roll during my adolescence and became a student of rock, from its roots in the blues, country, and folk traditions to the more current iterations. I was fascinated by how each artist picked up elements from those who came before and combined them in new ways or reacted to them, adding to the richness and complexity of the global musical tapestry; each new artist stands on the shoulders of giants.

As an adult, I realized I wanted to stand there too, to see farther and to weave my stories into the fabric. My giants are folkies, greasers, punks, and arena rockers. They’re searching for a way to connect and clambering for a better world and trying to keep soul alive. Lemme know if you hear any of that in my music; that'd be pretty cool.



Please note, there is a one drink minimum for this show (standing and bar stools) and two drink minimum at tables.

Limited seating is available on a first come first served basis.

Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.

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