Chicago native Fiona Grey is a composer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Grey’s live performances have captivated her audiences across the U.S. and Europe. With a background in musical theater performance, Grey pushes the boundaries of pop and creates intoxicating live experiences for audiences on both an intimate and large-scale. Most recently, she has performed at L.A. venues Troubadour and Resident. At age eighteen she released her debut EP “Striped Heart” and later released her second EP, Belladonna, which included her single “Beauty Queen.” Her single, “What You Want” was placed on a promo spot for TV Land’s “Younger,” and recently released single, "Dirty Dream," from her upcoming EP “Cult Classic.” According to Neon Gold Records, her music “woos its way into your teen dream heart like a rebellious cross between Lorde and Christina Aguilera." Grey’s early accomplishments are landmarks of her creative—or what she calls “human”—progression. She embraces growth as her music matures, cultivating a symbiosis between her life and work.

Influenced by a range of musical greats like David Bowie, Debbie Harry and Missing Persons, Grey’s performances and compositions pack a soulful, heart-wrenching punch with the sweet accessibility of pop, and gritty, fearless attitude of a singer like Karen O. Grey’s forthcoming EP layers her powerful vocals with live string instrumentation and a rock n’ roll heartbeat, creating a fullness of sound fit for a soundtrack to a film epic. Throughout the record, Grey’s storytelling examines our culture’s widespread infatuation with pop culture and an almost religious obsession with love. Her primal and raw vocals invite us to tap into our own human emotions as listeners, taking us on a journey wrought with tenderness and uncertainty. Grey’s cinematic music provides an anthem for our contemporary lives.

The Orchid Quartet is a premiere string quartet based in Los Angeles. The quartet consists of four string players who perform and tour with top orchestras and pop artists and who regularly record for major record labels, video games, and movie soundtracks. While touring the US, Mexico, Europe, and Asia together, these women developed a close friendship and love of international culture, adventure, and most of all, shared musical experiences. Members of the quartet have toured with Adele, Ariana Grande, Hans Zimmer, Panic! at the Disco and Game of Thrones, performed with and recorded for numerous artists including Andrea Bocelli, Kendrick Lamar, Halsey, Josh Groban, John Debney, John Oates and have appeared on such programs as the MTV Movie Awards, The Grammys, Conan and the Tonight Show. The Orchid Quartet's energy is high, their smiles broad, and the joy of the music they play emanates to those around them.

Timothy Heller

Disco Shrine (DJ Set)

Jessica Delijani is the LA based, pop spark plug behind Disco Shrine. True to her tongue-in-cheek moniker, Disco Shrine makes music Persian-American who grew up to her family hosting traditional Persian jam sessions. Spurred by her desire to join in on the party, Jessica taught herself guitar and banjo at the age of 16 and started writing/performing folk music.

After a few years of experimenting with "bedroom pop" at home, Jessica finally made her LA debut as Disco Shrine in 2015 and released her first EP, 'Soft Fur'. Her multi-dynamic project encompasses everything from songwriting and dance peformances to DJing! After a few months of playing at all of the quintessential LA landmarks, Jessica became an official Lights and Music Collective DJ, touring all throughout the U.S. and performing at iconic parties like Dance Yourself Clean, Candi Pop, and Beyonce Vs Rihanna.

If she's not starting the party on stage, she's helping to throw it off stage. Jessica hasn't always been in the spotlight, but started by working as a behind the scenes event producer, helping to throw various dance parties and festivals in LA and San Francisco. This love for bringing the community together through music is reflected in her high energy synth pop sound that is bound to get you grooving whether you're in the car or on the dance floor.



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