Shy Crooner

Shy Crooner is an NYC based songwriter and performance artist best known for his collaborations with Edwin Duke in the Crooner & Duke Revue.
His songs weave together folk and country blues traditions with a dark and at times absurdist thread.
His band's current line up includes Edwin Duke on bass, Tony Tweed on percussion, and J. Gracie on lead guitar.

Jess Clinton

Jess is a California-born, New York City-based musician and artist. She is one of three powerful singer-songwriters fronting the Americana band Bellehouse. A professional vocalist for over 14 years, Jess brings both her serious expertise and jocular personality to stage and studio - making her both a captivating performer to watch, and a pleasure to work with.

Catie Friel

Influenced by American folk, rhythm & blues, and a variety of world folk traditions, New Jersey-based songwriter Catie Friel blends soulful melodies, intricate vocalization, and bold style to create a sound that is evocative yet original. Expressed through familiar storytelling structures, her songs explore mortality, existentialism, and the human condition to paint a worldview that is somehow cautionarily optimistic.



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