Mr Twin Sister

After growing up together on Long Island, Mr Twin Sister formed in 2008 under the name Twin Sister, releasing two EPs - Vampires with Dreaming Kids in 2008, and Color Your Life in 2010 - to significant critical acclaim. The band signed to Domino Records for their debut LP In Heaven (2011), and in 2012 their song “Meet the Frownies” was sampled by Kendrick Lamar and Dr Dre on “The Recipe”. In 2013 lead singer Andrea Estella was cast in the Veronica Mars movie, with two songs by the band featured on the soundtrack. Having left Domino and changed their name to Mr Twin Sister, the band self-released Mr Twin Sister in 2014, recognized as one of the best albums of the year by Pitchfork, Gorilla vs Bear, New York Magazine, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, and many others.

In speaking about Sateen's most recent release, the eponymous Sateen, An0ther Magazine said, "it's almost impossible not to be lifted by their songs." OUT heralded the EP as "equally a political war cry and a flashy pop project." Along with their debut album, Greatest Hits, Sateen have released several music videos: Treat Yaself, She's Fancy, Karmas Gonna Get Ya, Love Makes the World, and their previous single, Finer Things, which Paper called "radiant with unabashed glamour... an assertion of the misogynistic double-standed behind criticizing feminine trappings as shallow."

In addition to music-specific press, Sateen have appeared in a vast array of media: lifestyle blogs such as Milk, Nasty Gal, Hello Giggles and She's Vague; LGBTQ+ publications like Go Magazine and Next Magazine; international press such as Status Magazine and Vogue Italia; and broader media coverage from VFILES. The couple's regular media presence has amassed over 75,000 followers on Instagram.



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