Handsome Karnivore, FNTN, Pluto The Planet, Joni, Code Silver

Handsome Karnivore

Handsome Karnivore consists of Franco Zizza, José Gómez, Raymond Velez and Tiago Valerio. Originally a trio formed in 2012, a year later they released their first album, Characteristics of Instrumental Silence. With the addition of José in 2014, the band decided to move to Los Angeles to stretch the bands exposure from coast-to-coast. Handsome Karnivore started working on their new album at Foreword Productions (FWDPRO) and have played a plethora of shows on Sunset Boulevard at the Whisky a Go Go and the Viper Room. Earlier this year, Handsome Karnivore released their second studio album, The Chaotic Static Between Shadow and Substance.

FFNTN is a group of best friends playing new wave pop. Formed in the Spring of 2013, FNTN (fka FENTON) got their start in Virginia, quickly becoming a must-see act on the college circuit. In the tradition of their formative influences — The Cars, The Psychedelic Furs, and The Rolling Stones — FNTN put on a live show that is equal parts adrenaline-fueled intensity and melodies that stick in your head.

FNTN’s music combines their live show’s energy with reflective lyrics and new wave flourishes. Their first EP, Indigo (2016), fused surf pop guitars with a Talking Heads rhythms to create the ultimate soundtrack for late night driving. Its lead single, “Indigo,” has nearly 25,000 streams on Soundcloud and counting.

The Lucid Dreams EP built on Indigo’s rock roots while incorporating vaporwave and synthpop elements. Online tastemakers featured the EP’s two singles, “One More Ride” and “Other Nights,” on multiple playlists; “Other Nights” also received attention as the band’s debut music video.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, FNTN built their own studio in Topanga Canyon and began work on a new set of songs. FNTN filters all their influences through a classic rock ethos that is theirs alone.

"FNTN tap The Beatles, 90s Britpop, and Frank Ocean for a unique, evolving sound." - The Argonaut

Pluto The Planet

Pluto the Planet is a three piece indie rock band from Los Angeles California. Exploring the many styles of both retro and modern pop music, they’re generating a buzz in Southern California. Inspired by the works of The Beatles, Flaming Lips, and Paul Simon, Pluto the Planet blends alternative rock with energetic rhymes to craft their unique sound. Best friends for most of their lives, now in their twenties the members have mastered the art of balancing creative expression with the tenacity to succeed. Dedicated to their music, the band prioritizes its ambitions but never fails to strengthen relationships with fans, associates, and each other.

After moving across the country from New York City to Los Angeles, Joni began writing music for a new project. Working in the hidden comfort of her Laurel Canyon home studio, she and a very small group of musicians began to unravel her new sound.
Taking influence from The Beatles, João Gilberto, and Fleetwood Mac, combined with a love of indie-rock, JONI's music feels dreamily timeless and elusively hard to categorize.
Her first single OMENS (prod. by Noise Club + Pat Howard) was released independently in April 2018.

Starting as a side project for musician Alex Dante in 2014, Code Silver has since undergone many iterations to become the Alternative-Electronic rock band that it is today. With it's focus on providing an experience for the audience, Code Silver hit the ground running with a theatrical live show and emotionally charged introspective lyrics and themes. Now, in 2018, Code Silver is once again releasing material for new listeners and fans of the Alternative and Electronic Genres alike.



  • 8:15 - Joni 
  • 9:00 - Code Silver 
  • 9:45 - Handsome Karnivore 
  • 10:35 - FNTN
  • 11:45 - Pluto The Planet

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