John Lowell Anderson, Andrew Rudy, Warm Nights, Hudson Stanton

John Lowell Anderson

My name is John Lowell Anderson. I'm from southern California and based out of LA. My goal is to create music that relates to you: through it I want to establish community and communicate truth.

Andrew Rudy is a Pop-Rock artist raised in Los Angeles with cultural influences stemming from his Argentine heritage. Belting his songs with a loud and proud attitude Andrew tackles subjects including love, bullying, pressure, and self confidence. Having gone through a rough childhood of financial hardship, abuse and homelessness, Andrew sings with a great amount of soul and emotion that he pours into all of his music. It’s Andrew’s personal goal to leave his listeners feeling invincible and invigorated. With influences stemming from Freddie Mercury of Queen all the way to Demi Lovato and Shawn Mendes, Andrew Rudy's music is truly a unique combination of all of his idols. There’s nothing better than sharing a night full of music with his listeners and he’s always excited to share his truth.

Warm Nights

Warm nights is a duo formed in LA in 2016 consisting of Adrian (guitar/vox) and Tommy (drums). natives of Los Angeles, Adrian and Tommy aim to make fun, serious, playful alternative rock that keeps you moving but leaves you with a sentimentality that can’t quite be pinpointed. both enjoy long walks on the beach but generally don’t enjoy walking. 

Hudson Stanton

Hudson Stanton is a guitarist and singer/songwriter native to the great city of
Seattle, WA. Hudson was born on the last day of 1993 and is ready to make a sweet
new twist in the music industry with his debut EP “Details” dropping 4/28/18.
Hudson is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music and is aiming to bring
something new to the industry with his lighthearted upbeat pop/rock songs, his
lyrical ear candy, and a soulful guitar flair!



  • 7:45 - Andrew Rudy 
  • 8:30 - John Lowell Anderson
  • 9:15 - Warm Nights
  • 10:20 - Hudson Stanton

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