Avi Buffalo, Haunted Summer

Avi Buffalo were an alternative band based in Long Beach, California founded by singer-songwriter and guitarist, Avi Zahner-Isenberg.

Haunted Summer

Every decade or so, a band comes along that perfectly reflects Toronto's never-ending quest to honour the legacy of its musical past while breaking new artistic ground. In 2015, that band is Beams. For the past two years, the sound of Beams' two female voices in harmony, combined with banjo, mandolin, lap steel guitar and singing saw, has carved a niche within Toronto's alternative folk scene. Now, with its new two-song single, The Gutters and The Glass, Beams has fully tapped into its unlimited potential.

As a true collective, the seven-piece ensemble's sound brings together elements of country, bluegrass, folk, and avant garde to create music that echoes long-dead Appalachian voices while bravely injecting that spirit into 21st century pop. With the writing of co-front woman Anna Mernieks as its foundation, Beams pushes the boundaries of tradition, at the same time allowing each member space to contribute their distinctive voices toward a greater end. With The Gutters and The Glass, those results are well beyond anything Beams has conceived up to now.


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