The World Famous Mad House Comedy Club Showcase Special.  A long line up of awesome comics, all on one show, all for you! Including Vicki Barbolak from this seasons Americas Got Talent, Winner Nickelodeon America's Funniest Mom!

The World Famous Mad House Comedy Club Showcase Special

Up to 8 super talented comedians go onstage, back, to back, to back. You get everyone's best 10 or 15 min and if you happen to not like one comedian... you don't have to stare at them for an hour! It's like the All Star Game of Comedy and more fun than one person should be allowed to have 🙂

Vicki Barbolak - From this seasons Americas Got Talent, Winner Nickelodeon America's Funniest Mom!

Vicki was selected by Bob Reid and Mark Ross, the Talent Coordinators of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to be a member of Jay Leno’s "Laugh Squad" at NBC. She is the 2007 winner of Nickelodeon’s "Funniest Mom in America" hosted by Roseanne Barr. Vicki is best known as the "Trailer Nasty Housewife" in the hilarious Funniest Housewives of Orange County shows. As an actress Vicki had the honor of starring in New Vision Theatre Company's 2010 production of Faith County II, playing Juliet of Romeo and Juliet (a la Arkansas). She also recently played Garret Morris’s secretary in Jon Gries’ new independent film, Pickin' & Grinnin'. A modern version of Phyllis Diller and Totie Fields, Vicki was the first winner of California’s Funniest Female Contest in 2004 and thankful to the boys up above San Francisco for her win of Russian River’s Gay Comedy Festival in 2006.

Tre Stewart - As seen on Laughs on Fox!

Tre Stewart found Comedy pretty early in life. While other kids were watching cartoons he was watching Saturday Night Live, writing jokes and doing impressions preparing himself for his inevitable career in Stand Up Comedy. Tre' first picked up the mic 9 Years ago at the tender age of 16 and never looked back. Stewart possesses a relaxed, laid-back comedic delivery where the punch lines come in more of an intimate and conversational style of someone sharing a funny story over the water cooler at work or on the basketball court. The Detroit Native left the motor city in 2012 to pursue his dreams of performing comedy in Los Angeles. Just 6 months after moving to LA he was taken in by the World Famous Comedy Store and has been honing his craft there and various other clubs in and around the LA area ever since. Stewart made his television debut in April performing stand up on the show Laughs on Fox.

Mike Menendez

A Mad House Favorite

Matt Byrd

Mad House Favorite Mr Matt Byrd

$15 - $30


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