Trenton, NJ native Johnny Quest the Rebel lines up as the new prototype for rap, providing a balance of futuristic sounds and thought-provoking lyrics. This Rebel’s quest to avoid the life traps of the city has fueled his music and driven his creativity. Quest developed a passion for hip-hop at an early age; his first introduction to music was through his parents' vinyl collections. His initial inspirations of soul and funk would transition to hip-hop and artists like Outkast, Jay-Z, Cam'Ron, and Kanye West. At the age of 13, Quest recorded his first record; at the same time, he showed great promise as an athlete. While his football career flourished, eventually landing a college scholarship, he made strides as an artist, writing and creating music at the same rapid rate. After graduating college in 2014, he penned his first solo EP, the narrative of the modern-day Rebel and their contemporaries "Rebelz N The Hood". It was following this release that Johnny moved across the country to Los Angeles.

Since the release of Rebelz, that sound has grown and invokes multiple emotions out of listeners and fans. "Soul Rebel #1" curates a spacey, euphoric atmosphere in his music, shrewdly delivering inspiring lyrics to the misunderstood. Quest continues to release special content for an esoteric audience. After his 2016 release Soul Searching, Johnny has opened for artists like Curren$y, Bone Thugs, and Metro Boomin, and opened ears with the F.r.Y.d (Follow and Reach Your Dreams) series, including the chilled vibes "www." and "Truth or Dare".

Johnny's quest is simple: keep people enlightened. With that premise, there are no limits for this Rebel.

Damon Jeremiah Washington also known as Diverse Character (DC) is a young up and coming hip hop artist, performer, entertainer, musician and song writer. Diverse was born on December 26, 1992 in Trenton, New Jersey. Diverse hometown did not offer much support for the performing arts. Some notable names to come out of Trenton are actor Neil Hopkins, hip-hop group Poor Righteous Teachers (PRT), and NBA Hall of Famer and actor Dennis Rodman. At the age of ten, his mother, tired of the violence that plagued the capital city, moved herself and Diverse to the suburbs of Yardley, Pennsylvania where he would reside until graduating from Pennsbury High School. During his eighth grade year, some of Damon’s friends introduced him to hip-hop music. Diverse quickly fell in love. Shortly after, he would find himself rapping for hours to perfect his craft. He would mimic Kanye West and Drake as those were two artists that he looked up to early on. As Diverse matured as an artist, the opportunities to perform live and record in the studio were presented; his taste in music began to evolve. He would now become a student of the art form and began to dig deep into the vault of music’s rich past. In doing so, Diverse discovered legendary rock guitarist, singer and song writer Jimi Hendrix, and one of the most outspoken influential rock groups, The Doors. Diverse was influenced by their work. This prompted Diverse to experiment with pop, techno, R&B and rock; hence him calling himself Diverse Character. Damon cites Michael Jackson, Nas, Creed, Biggie Smalls, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco Tupac and the aforementioned Drake and Kanye West as acts that he looks up to; these are many diverse talents, hence the name Diverse Character. In 2015 Diverse Character went on to be featured in multiple magazine spreads such as XXL , Bully-Girl Mag, Hip-Hop Weekly and Cover boy for industry 21 Mag. Being a big year for Diverse's music career he also, won a UMA (Underground Music Award) in New York City for (Artist To Watch 2015). Following this he released his most promising work to day the "Golden Memories Ep" which showcased Diverse's many talents through vast sounds of music and broader messages. Featuring his hit song "Happy Place" which has opened him up to the indie world as we know it! Streaming over a million times total in more than 30+ countries worldwide. He then went on to tour the golden memories all throughout 2016 in places such as Denver Colorado, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and more. Opening for acts such as Whitney Peyton , Rich Homie Quan , Lil Flip , Rich The Kid, Night Lovell , Mobb deep and more! 2017 releasing one of his biggest records to date "Ring Ring Ring'' the prolific artist has been selling records and increasing his streams vastly since the release. Look forward for his new mix-tape on the way! God bless



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