Ryuichi Sakamoto - Async : LISTEN

Envelop is a non-profit that amplifies the power of music through immersive audio venues and open source spatial audio software.

We believe that immersive experiences of sound and music connect and inspire people on a deeper level, creating shared moments of fully-activated intentional listening. Through Envelop venues, powered by our software Envelop for Live, we host a diversity of events ranging from spatial music performances and listening events, to wellness and 3D audio education. With 32 or more speakers surrounding the audience, Envelop venues allow us to be within the music.

Envelop is directed by artist/musician Christopher Willits, with board members Roddy Lindsay, artist/DJ Mark Slee, fabricator Greg Wood, and creative director Alingo Loh.



A surround version of "async" was upmixed by Christopher Willits for spherical playback within Envelop's 32 speakers using Envelop's software.

[This is not a live performance. Sakamoto will not be present]

Ryuichi Sakamoto has spanned vast musical territories, from pioneering member of Yellow Magic Orchestra to globally inspired rock albums, classical compositions, a stretch of minimal/ambient music collabs, and over thirty film scores.

Envelop SF is within The Midway at 900 Marin St, SF CA.
Enter from the Michigan St side of the building, through the patio. Doors close 15 minutes after start time.
All sales are final / no ticket exchanges.

Envelop is a non-profit organization that amplifies the powerful social and emotional benefits of music through spatial audio technology and shared public listening.

LISTEN is aseries of spatial audio compositions, like movies for your ears.

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