Antenna The End, Heavy Machinery, Phantom Machines, Antipodal, and NKRIOT

A heavy rock project that dabbles in reggae and sometimes slips into a trance of electronic and world music. Heavy Machinery is an idea created by producer Gigo Avakian and backed by Sammy J. Watson, Rod Castro, Andrew Behjatnia, and Jivan Gasparyan, Jr.. The music explores the conscience and uglier parts of the human psyche from the perspective of your guardian angel. Powerful, soul-tickling music that covers a wide range of emotions.

Antenna The End (AtE) is a Los Angeles based music ensemble spearheaded by Armenian-American Songwriter & Bassist, David Hakopyan, featuring a motley cast of creatives, Tadeh Petrossian on Guitar & Back Up Vocals, Mesrop Karapetyan on Guitar, Cello & Back Up Vocals, & Ryan Knights on Drums.

As for Genre, you decide.

David’s former and most notable work has been LA Art Rock band, The Apex Theory.

Los Angeles indie-electro unit Phantom Machines is comprised of vocalist Armen Najarian and producer/writer/musician Hyke Shirinian.
The duo randomly found each other at a local LA venue and began writing and recording together soon after.
The result of their meeting has led to the formation of Phantom Machines and their newly released EP,
which showcases their brilliant songwriting talents and unique sound that melds pop and electronic music with both
ambient tranquility and dance-inducing gusto.

Thudding rhythms, melodic guitars, and sinister synthesizers power Antipodal's electronic rock style. Blending the sublime and the ominous with their lyrics and sound, the group's voice is a collection of emotional introspection.

NKRIOT is an electronic music pioneer, inventor and founder of a new art genre concept called Goji.

Formed in the summer of 2013 in the neighborhood of Boyle Heights, California, NKRIOT began as a chip-tune, cyber-punk project, that eventually transformed into full-scale self-designed music project which eventually led to the creation of the Goji movement.

Goji involves a combination of synth, prog, and electronic beats, and armed with a chromed out electric guitar.

It is under goji that the distinctive sound landscape NKRIOT has carefully developed can be understood.

It is also under Goji that any other artists that fall short of the genre decided spectrum are welcomed.



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