Sir, Please, The Modern Mad, Westerner

Formed in Malibu, California by frontman Shane Cronin and rhythm guitarist Michael Leese, Sir, Please combines lead guitarist Marshall Via’s distorted classic rock based tones with drummer David Kohn and bassist Josh Cronin’s pop oriented grooves. The combination, along with Michael Leese’s pop based guitar tones and Shane Cronin’s powerful vibrato paves the way for this up-and-coming band. Musically and Lyrically: Josh Cronin, Michael Leese, David Kohn, Marshall Via, and Shane Cronin combine a classic writing style with a psychedelic edge, resulting in songs that any crowd can resonate with.

The Modern Mad

The Modern Mad is a young rock band from LA. They are quickly becoming a popular local group known for creating exciting and catchy music. Their high-energy performances mix alternative, dance, and classic rock sounds into a beautifully fresh genre of their own. Through their songs, The Modern Mad aims to inspire and satisfy every one of their listeners.

Westerner is a neo-psychedelic rock band from LA. They're a ballsy, cocktail mix of psychedelic rock, disco, and trip-hop who "seem to have appeared from nowhere to emerge as one of the best bands in Los Angeles" (Music Connection Magazine). Think Pink Floyd meets Massive Attack meets late-'90s electronica. Their songs are at once danceable and mesmerizing. You're bound to get swept up in this most unusual, confident sound.

Westerner has been featured in Music Connection Magazine's annual Hot 100 list for two years in a row, and their music video for Soft Playground was featured at The Other Venice Film Festival. They recently appeared at the Satellite, the Viper Room, and Sayer's Club.



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