Cool 4 The Summer: A Summer Hook Up Party

Cool 4 The Summer: A Summer Hook Up Party

Summer ain't over yet and if you're looking for a summer fling or want to heat up your current fling... well here's your chance. Adventure[s] will set the mood with hot and sexy pop hits, BK Bowl will have the cold summer drinks and you can dance your way into a new "it's complicated" status. Think: Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Rihanna, Prince, Madonna.

Dress code: Summer flirty.

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ADVENTURE[s] is the Brooklyn-Based party collective of DJs/party masterminds Cherry Magdalene, Choyce Hacks! and a place both wonderful and strange. Together, they've been responsible for This Party Is Killing You aka The Robyn Party (most recently featuring special guest Robyn), The Shania Party, Back 2 Black, The Myspace Party, #Rave, and much more.



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