Cayucas is the name of the California-born and raised, shimmery pop craft of Zach Yudin and his twin brother Ben. On their debut album, Bigfoot, Cayucas emerged in a way that defied their namesake, the sleepy seaside town of Cayucos, CA. As listeners fell in love with its shimmering west coast vibes, Zach watched his bedroom recording project transform into a band that toured the world almost overnight, all while his songs raced across the radio. The nostalgia in their music that is as much about a place they've never been (that maybe no one's been to) as any actual experience. It was a freedom to imagine, to explore ideas. And it was that wandering imagination and a punchy California dream that eventually grew to become Dancing at the Blue Lagoon.

After a spending the majority of the last two years writing and recording, Cayucas is applying the finishing touches on their best work yet, a third LP, produced by Dennis Herring (Elvis Costello, Modest Mouse, Twin Shadow) new music and details are on the horizon.

Coastal Clouds is the music project of Roberto Rodriguez, who works and lives in Santa Monica, California. R. Rodriguez moved to California after college and started to develop his new sound in the West Coast. Residing in LA, R. Rodriguez took studio internships, worked commercial/TV production gigs and played shows around town (Silver Lake, Venice, Hollywood, Pasadena) until he was able to get his debut solo effort produced by Billy Mohler a few years later. The music draws inspiration from classics like The Byrds and George Harrison but the vocals and songwriting also resonate Elliott Smith...

Billy Mohler and Aaron Smart decided to start their own record label, MAKE Records, in 2017 and signed Coastal Clouds as the first project on their label. Since then, Coastal Clouds has released a four song EP on MAKE Records and is in the midst of releasing a full-length album which Mohler produced and played bass and guitar on.

The new, full length album is due out August 2018 .



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