The Chamanas

The Chamanas

The Chamanas is a band composed of Manuel Calderon (Bass), Hector Carreon (Guitars), Paulina Reza (Vocal), and Alejandro Bustillos (Drums). The Fronterizo Indie pop fusion ensemble utilizes a unique combination of various styles and genres ranging from traditional Mexican folklore, Pop, Brazilian Bossa Nova, Indie, Danzon, among other obscure and synthetic sounds. The Chamanas is able to create a musical connection between two countries. The border between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua has given birth to this band, who represent the culture of this metropolitan border and transmits it through their music. One of the band's most important moments took place May 5, 2015 when Portugal. The Man released the spanish cover of "Purple Yellow Red & Blue"

The Chamanas joined the independent record labels, Casete Mexico and Nacional Records, in the beginning of 2015 and later released their first EP, named Fronterizo. Following their successful debut, The Chamanas launched three music videos and, in late August 2015, their first album, Once Once, which was recorded at the legendary studio Sonic Ranch. "Once Once" also won Best Pop Album at the Independent Music Awards (IMAS) in Mexico. The Chamanas was able to open up for well renowned major label bands such as Zoe, Vetusta Morla, Enjambre, Jarabe de Palo, Nina Diaz among others.The Chamanas were nominated as Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys 2016.

In their career, they have been in high-profile festivals such as LAMC (NY), Vive Latino (CD.MX.), SXSW (Austin, TX), JRZ Music Fest (Juarez) and ALMAX (Colombia) and collaborated with bands such as Portugal The Man, Beach House, Odesza, Enjambre, Dave Sytek from TV On The Radio, to mention a few.Once Once Deluxe included three new songs called "Murio La Flor", "Ramas" and "Neblina" featuring Los Angeles Negros.

The name of the band makes reference to the blend of cultures that takes place at a border region. "The" in English and "Chamanas" in Spanish is a made up "Pocho" name because of the way people can be fluent and can constantly speak both at the same time. The name also comes from the idea that music can change how people think and feel in very positive ways, like Music therapy. A "Shaman" or "Chaman" is a spiritual person that can cure with energy and natural medicine, and music has healing properties, making this the main reason the name was chosen.

The Chamanas has released several music videos including: Portugal. The Man's huasteco version of "Purple Yellow Red & Blue", "Alas de Hierro" and "Ramas" that were directed and produced by Julio Abad and Mundo Lujan at Autumn Leave Films. "Dulce Mal" that was directed by Paco Ibarra and Los Terricolas cover of "Te Juro Que Te Amo" which was made exclusively with cellphone cameras.Their music has been used in on of HBO Latinoamerica's series called "Sr. Ávila" that was filmed in Mexico City.

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Loi Loi is an electronic synth-pop trio of Kristie (vocals, keyboards, synthesizers), Zach (bass), and Ron (trumpet and gaia synth). Loi Loi started four years ago in China, where Kristie was living and working at the time. Since her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in China, Kristie had always dreamed about becoming a Mandarin pop singer; this turned out to be an easy goal to achieve while she was stationed in Guangzhou, China. She also successfully composed original lyrics in Mandarin, pairing pop compositions with occasional radical experimental sounds vis-à-vis vis her microkorg. Loi Loi continued to develop in Spain, where Kristie tried her hand mixing original Spanish lyrics with an eclectic background of rock and roll, R&B, electronic, and soul influences. The band went fully electronic when Kristie acquired a Korg Electribe drum synthesizer. Today, Loi Loi embraces a somewhat economical setup but maximizes on a suite of atmospheric effects, original samples, and a multi-tiered song structure.

Loi Loi’s inaugural EP, Viva La Vulva, was recorded at BLIGHT.Records in March 2017, six months after Kristie’s return from Spain to Washington, DC. Each track represents a brick in the path of Kristie’s exciting cross-cultural escapades, simultaneously chronicling the hardship she encountered transitioning back to her home in the United States, which was vastly different than when she had left in 2011. In “1985”, Kristie clings to a year she barely remembers amidst the uncertainty of present times, creating a byte-by-byte whimsical reckoning. “Responsabilidades”, Loi Loi’s first video release, is an upbeat but ironic Spanish language song which playfully laments the state of play of being an outsider in the not-serious dating scene in Madrid. “Trying to Remember” premiered on All Things Go on November 22, shot and directed by Jen Meller and featuring a continuous reel of nightmare scenarios in unrecognizable terrain. New video "You May Be", which premiered on Impose Magazine on January 20, 2018, chronicles the intense showdown between a perpetually eyerolling, devil-may-care character confronted by a scathing accuser, who is berating her for blindness to (what the listener can easily detect as) the rise of patriarchy and its norms and abuses towards women. Newest video and single release Egipto is a dark foray into the world of a female alchemist who grapples with the intense pleasure of having the power to turn humans into gold statues, but ultimately, her guilt self-actualizes and her alchemy turns against her...

Loi Loi just came back from their first U.S. tour through the U.S. South.


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