The history of pop music is one of reinvention, replete with instances of people who, cut off from resources and representation, have turned inward, mined themselves and remade culture in their own image. And so the story goes with Parisalexa , Seattle’s premiere triple hyphenate—singer-songwriter-producer—who continues to forge her own forward-looking brand of R&B tinged pop with the raw materials of the past.

Earlier this year, Parisalexa emerged fully-formed with her debut E P Bloom, which chronicles the course of a relationship—from its genesis to its greatest heights to its end and the resulting exercise in self-love.
Now, close on Bloom’s heels, comes FLEXA, a four-track mixtape that represents a departure for Parisalexa in both sound and theme. “When I was w riting Bloom, I was in a different place,” Paris says. “I was falling in love, and writing my own story, and I was referencing a lot of older, more soulful soun ds.” If Bloom is about a journey—that of falling in love and discovering on eself— FLEXA is about what happens once you arrive.

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