Junglepussy (SOLD OUT!)

JUNGLEPUSSY is an American rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. She released her debut mixtape Satisfaction Guranteed in 2014 and her debut album Pregnant With Success in 2015.

Born and raised in Capitol Heights Maryland, the young 24-year-old emcee known as Odd Mojo brings a new type of retro sound and old school flow back to today’s Hip-Hop. Mojo is an artist boasting self-love awareness with her impressive wordplay to help bridge the gap between lyricism and Hip-Hop.

'94, Odd Mojo's first EP, was released May 2016 giving her fans that boom bap vibe and dark gritty sound with her effortless flow, leaving her new listeners impressed and yearning for more.

After the release of her EP Channel Yo Mojo, Odd Mojo wanted her fans to know how much love she has for the Golden Age of Hip-Hop which led her to start the Mojo Monday series. Mojo Monday is a series she started to showcase her love for the 90s era of Hip-Hop by rapping over her favorite classic Hip-Hop beats to bring more attention to her and her amazing flow. Odd Mojo is on her way to have her name alongside the greats by staying true to Hip-Hop and herself.


Sold Out

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