Austin Gatus, Emily James, Jon Century

Austin Gatus

Austin Gatus is a 21 year old singer-songwriter-saxophonist from San Diego, California. His musical style blends elements of Pop, Electronic Soul, and Jazz Fusion. Austin now resides in Los Angeles and is currently a student at UCLA.

Emily James is a pop-influenced singer/songwriter, originally from New York, now based in Los Angeles. Her music contains elements of the music she grew up listening to; pop, rock, blues, Americana, and folk. Emily began writing her first songs when she was 10, and, at 17, released her self-titled EP, "Emily James," in August of 2016. Soon after, she started working on her self-penned, debut album which she wrote "from memories, dreams, and stories that take the listener on a journey through the night, 'til the morning." Emily James' debut album, "Til the Morning," was released on February 9, 2018.



  • 8:15 - Emily James
  • 9:00 - Austin Gatus
  • 10:35 - Jon Century

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