The Common Dandies, Travis Peery, The Emerald, Heavy Thread, Isabella Blue featuring Alexandria Noelle

The Common Dandies

Formed in Orange County on the threshold of high school graduation, The Common Dandies were brought together under a shared musical vision. Driven by the passion of being music fans rather than the pretense of being musicians, the Dandies were able to forge their own postmodern pastiche of different genres. Gaining notoriety from their chaotic live performances, one thing quickly became clear to those in the crowd as well as the Dandies themselves: There is nothing these three would rather be doing at any giving moment than playing music together.

Originally from the San Francisco bay area, Travis Peery moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and began putting together a band to add some Americana Rock horsepower to his songwriting. With comparisons to artists such as Ryan Adams and Dawes, The Travis Peery Band (Matt Paris (drums), Francis Breidenbach (bass), and Zach Stanford (keyboards)), has been playing shows at some of the most well-respected music clubs in Los Angeles and is currently promoting Travis’s 2016 album, "These Nights," available online through iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

The Emerald

Cathartic alternative rock with a pulse.

Heavy Thread is a Southern California based rock band that performs songs composed, engineered and produced by Aaron Zwirn. The upcoming show at The Mint on August 11, 2018 will feature Aaron Zwirn on Guitar and Vocals and Adrian Burga on Drums performing as a duo.

Isabella Blue featuring Alexandria Noelle

Isabella has been singing since she was able to talk, her love of music stems from listening to a variety of different genres of music and being introduced to many different musical cultures at a very young age. Songwriting has been a huge part of her life for a very long time, it was a way for her to express her emotions. She is new to performing live, she most recently performed at the whiskey a gogo and at loft ensemble in Sherman Oaks. Isabella has performed at the mint before and had a wonderful time and looks forward to performing again. Isabella is currently working on her first album, and has a single on iTunes called Don’t let me down by Isabella.

She is an independent artist, and thinks for now she enjoys it that way. She hopes you enjoy her set and gets to her as an artist through it.

Look for her EP called Don’t Look Back by Isabella Blue



  • 8:15 - Isabella Blue
  • 9:00 - The Emerald
  • 9:45 - Travis Peery
  • 10:45 - Heavy Thread
  • 11:30 - The Common Dandies

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