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Born and raised in the Home of the Blues, (Memphis, TN) CAM, a Hip Hop artist, songwriter, and producer, brings a refreshing and soulful sound to the genre. Resurrecting traditional Hip Hop influences such as A Tribe Called Quest and Biggie and incorporating elements of Pop, Soul, Jazz, and Gospel music, CAM creates and tells stories in ways they have never been told before.

The son of a pastor, like many, CAM got his start in the church. His gift as a musician and an artist were discovered and flourished here. But instead of pursuing Gospel music, CAM wanted to make an impactful splash on the Hip Hop industry. He says "I'm gospel, not in the sense that I sing or write gospel music, but that I bring good news." Going against the usual grain of "money, hoes, and clothes" in Hip Hop, CAM's music projects a spirit of fun, love, and consciousness, engaging a vast and diverse audience.

Coming off of the success of his last project "The Life of Henry Wiggins", CAM is currently embarking on a new project, new sound, and new movement with his debut album, "Higher Learning". His first single, "Juke.", has already garnered positive reactions, acclaim, and opportunities for his growth.

Tanner Azzinnaro

Tanner Azzinnaro is a pop/hip-hop artist based out of Nashville, TN. He has found much success throughout his years of performing and songwriting, and has worked with and gained the attention of many well established music industry heads. Tanner's goal through his music is to tell his own life story and faith walk so as to help others better understand their own lives. Music is available across all streaming services #takeoff


Talia is a singer/songwriter whose jazz-influenced vocals bring a distinctive style to her alternative pop sound.
Originally from southern California, she now lives in Nashville, TN.

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