Sad Baxter’s "So Happy" EP Celebration Show

Nirvana. Nada Surf. The Muffs. These are bands Deezy and Alex love to talk about. Deezy loves to pronounce the phrase “hot dog” like “hort dorg”. Alex loves to eat pizza and talk about WaWa food markets. Deezy likes to make jokes about how pointless everything is, and Alex likes to laugh about it. Together, they form Sad Baxter from Nashville, TN. Described as heavy pop sludge, their songs keep coming back to one topic: sadness. Together they sing and scream, with words like “nothing” and “monster” rising from the dark, heavy heap. But no matter how much they might try to convince you that all hope is lost, Sad Baxter is a band that believes in something. They believe in failure. They believe in redemption. They believe in broken hearts. They believe in loud guitars. Most of all, they believe in each other. To see them play live is to step into a world created by Deezy and Alex, a world where heartbreak leads to hope and the drums drown out your doubts. They sing, they sweat, they say something awkward, and they’re back at it. The harmonies in their singing, the dynamics in their playing, it’s the musical equivalent of two people leaning on each other, worn out and weary, but walking together through the world. Sad Baxter is a band that makes intensity comforting and dissonant melodies catchy. All they ask is that you come as you are, sadness and all, and sing along.

Nordista Freeze


$5.00 - $10.00



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