Republican Hair

Republican Hair

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Republican Hair conjures the flamboyant musicality of The Cars, Devo, The Clash, and The Talking Heads, as well as the dark satire of author Kurt Vonnegut and the wry observational wit of David Sedaris. Their debut album, High And Tight bubbles over with arty tunefulness that traverses angular funk grooves, sci-fi sonic ambience, pent-up post-punk aggression, and fizzy pop hooks. Standouts includeಯI Don’t Care,ರಯBe Careful Chloe,ರand ಯWho Is Chasing Who.ರ Within a narrative context, Republican Hair waxes absurd and poetic about the apocalypse, courtship rituals, and manners, among other things. Due to the controversial nature of these topics, band membership must be kept classified. Fans and the government will be aware of the group’s presence—either live, on record, or in videos—through its iconic, faceless logo which boasts one of our country’s most beloved hairstyles. They just released their latest rebellion single called "F**k A Bomb."

Super Bonanza

Formed in 2012 by two-string bassist/vocalist Joe Oxman, Super
Bonanza combines influences including Iggy Pop, X, Morphine and Yo la Tengo. Super Bonanza brings range and dynamics that only years of “one-nighter” van tours can make.

In the 80s, Joe Oxman was a member of the post-punk alternative band Red Herring from Philadelphia which produced one “balls out” record for Skyclad/Get Hip records entitled STIFFY.

After the break-up of Red Herring, Oxman split for Los Angeles in
1992 forming the jazz/funk/punk collective Freeway Planet which released four CDs on Los Angeles based Prophecy Records and steadily toured nationally for 10 years until the act ran out of steam in

Baritone sax player Doug Dubrosky, came to Super Bonanza as the founder, leader, tenor sax player and vocalist for the ska and reggae bands Ruder Than You and Rock Steady. Doug is also known in the Philly area as reggae DJ Ruder1.
Veteran drummer Dave Femia has been on the Philadelphia music scene with the popular jam band Fitzwater. His strong beats and impeccable time are Super Bonanza’s V8 power.
Keyboard Player Dave Oxman, the other Oxman brother, brings his soulful organ and piano playing to the band which rounds out the Super Bonanza sound.

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