Wake Magnolia, Stimpy's Revenge, Pistol Whip, Javelina

Wake Magnolia

Wake Magnolia is a riffy two piece alternative rock band based out of Akron, OH that was formed in the winter of 2010 by Nick Galbincea and Kevin Cole. The band was originally named "The Abstract", however, changed their name in 2017. Wake Magnolia’s sound consists of a fuzzy and thick guitar tone, a progressive and powerful style of drums and a genuine and melodic vocal to match them. Every song is derived from a catchy guitar riff with drums to compliment the uniqueness and complexity. Wake Magnolia released their first EP, “Sleeping/Dreaming”, in 2015 and are currently working on their second. If you are looking for a band that has a thick, riffy, in your face guitar and drum sound combined with a melodic and booming vocal, you are in for a treat…

Pistol Whip

Rock 'N Roll from Akron, OH.


Electronic/Experimental/Alt Pop from Columbus, OH.



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