Kosha Dillz, DEVMO, Alexx Wayne, Ozu 8lack, Roscoe

User Friendly / gangster / alternative / hip hop from New Jersey to LA to Israel

Kosha Dillz is considered to be the most interesting rapper in the world.He raps about everything he sees, experiences, and dreams, which doesn't always make sense, or does it? Best digested live, he is known for his hustle, but his rhymes are even doper

Hip-Hop from Santa Monica, CA

Rap Gawdess Supreme

Devin Moses aka DEVMO is everything but a typical rap artist. As a petite red-head from Santa Monica, audiences are in pure shock when she starts flowing with fluidity and bite while also delivering a message she is experiencing in her daily life. DEVMO strives for authenticity and entertainment, and on that alone, she's opened locally and internationally for artists like Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product, Elle King, and more.

DEVMO just dropped her 5-track EP "Change My Mind" on July 20th 2018 which touches on her experiences living in Hollywood over the past three years. It's safe to say DEVMO has found her sound as she combines melodic choruses and fast paced rapping verses to create a style all her own.

Hip Hop / Rap / Trap from Birmingham AL

Hip Hop / Rap from Birmingham AL


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