"A phenomenal talent." --Michael McDonald

"Filled with an introspective and strikingly truthful style of songwriting, his music can be downright mind-bending -- especially for those of us who have grown used to Pandora's corporate jukebox and the cultural clichés that run with it.”
- Huffington Post

Tommy & crew have been fortunate to share bills with Mac Demarco, Michael McDonald, Big Thief, Willy Tea Taylor, Twain, Spirit Family Reunion, Aaron Lee Tasjan, People Under The Stairs, SUSTO, Night Beds, Jay Cobb Anderson & many more.

Rubber Tramp

Garage Rock Gospel Punk. Desperate nostalgia meets reckless abandon. Featuring members of the Tumbleweed Wanderers and King Dream.

Taylor Kingman

Taylor Kingman makes music that resets the clocks. You know the feeling of standing beneath a trestle on a hard day, a can of cheap beer, flicking a lighter and dreaming up wild ideas until a heavy train comes thundering overhead and you scream and scream until your voice gives out and you feel lighter? That’s the thing that lives deep in Taylor’s songs. There’s something so rubbed-raw honest and drunken-truth about them. You can’t help but be transfixed and transformed.

Born in Portland, OR and raised in Marion County, Taylor picked up a guitar and started writing at 12. In high school, he formed The Hill Dogs, a raucous, powerful band that hit hard beneath his explosive lyrics. After graduating, he wrote like a madman, played out heavily with the band, and taught guitar on the side.

If you’re a fan of indie rock in the bay area, chances are you’ve heard the vocal contributions of Alycia Lang without even realizing it. Whether providing lush vocals and instrumentation in Bay Area favorite, Waterstrider, touring with Trails and Ways, or sneaking in vocal cameos in any number of other bay area bands, she’s been lending her talents to projects since 2013 when when she re-emerged from a 3-year hiatus and landed in the vibrant music and art scene in Oakland.

In part, due to her eclectic musical career, Alycia’s music now lands at the unlikely intersection of alt country, pop, jazz and indie rock, a combination which has earned her comparisons to artists like Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones and Justin Vernon. Driven by soaring vocals, yet centered around mindfully crafted lyrics, her music creates a synergy that is strikingly emotive, insidiously catchy and achingly poignant.

In 2011, in a dramatic departure from her musical past, Alycia wiped the slate clean by taking almost all of her music offline and going on a 3 year hiatus to focus on her visual art. Now, in a return to her musical roots, where the human voice and the words it carries reign, she plans to present new recorded material late summer 2018.


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