La Cerca

La Cerca have taken many stylistic detours in the decade since the Tucson-based rock ‘n’ roll band’s inception, but their new LP Sunrise for Everyone is where they bring all their disparate strands together. Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth) -esque maelstroms of expressionist guitar, expressive lyrics abstracted and refracted, pulled together with unforgettable pop hooks into a rock ‘n’ roll body.

Sunrise for Everyone is La Cerca visionary Andrew Gardner’s Pet Sounds (Beach Boys), his Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix), and his Loveless (My Bloody Valentine); symphonically arranged with a multitude of players, this is La Cerca’s grand statement and masterpiece. The sessions for the album, recorded and mixed over a three year period at Tucson’s esteemed Waterworks Studios (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, RL Burnside, Sonic Youth), resulted in an abundance of instant classics that range from sunny blue-eyed soul had Galaxie 500 performed it to indie rock’s early ‘90s golden-age of reclaiming traditional rock ‘n’ roll styles to instrumental typhoons full of exaltation and destruction found in the wildest free jazz.

La Cerca has created an album for the ages and as its title suggests, one of those rare works where populism intersects with majestic beauty – a true sunrise for everyone.

Previous Press Accolades for La Cerca:
"Sunrise for Everyone is a remarkable musical achievement" ~ Blurt Magazine

"Pop-wise, we tip our pointed little heads in the direction of La Cerca's grooveworthy little gem, touching on Galaxie 500 in places."
~ Magnet Magazine

"We've been touring through Tucson for years, meeting people and bands, and La Cerca was one I always liked."
~ Tim Kasher / The Good Life

"La Cerca takes a similar approach: The droning bass and guitars certainly bring to mind an era when everyone’s main influences were Sonic Youth and Pavement." ~ The Rumpus

"Gardner is an incredibly underrated songwriter... full of alternately gorgeous and uplifting songs with layers of sound." ~ Tucson Weekly

The Amphibious Man

Boulder-based macabre rock band The Amphibious Man was born in 2011 as a solo project of Jason Principi during his freshman year at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. The project soon turned into an occult-minded musical collective of the creepiest yet most palatable variety when, shortly after releasing their first EP, Haunted, Principi joined forces with friends to expand the vision. After releasing seven albums on Bandcamp since their inception, playing more than 150 shows around their home-state of Connecticut and embarking on two tours along the east coast, The Amphibious Man packed up and shipped out to land-locked Colorado in October of 2016. Since relocating, the band has released “Silver Alert”, their longest and most mature incarnation of a sound they’ve developed over the past half-decade. While the band’s sound has strong roots in punk, garage and surf rock, the Amphibious Man also draws inspiration from strange, cultish, off-putting horror movies to infuse their sound with an unsettling eerie vibe. The band’s unique pop-ish expression of these heavier sounds makes the listening all the more fun and bewitching. Like the experience of a deepening intoxication, the music starts off uplifting and fun, but takes sharp turns down paths of darkness one can find comfort in. “Our music makes people feel weird in a way that they’re kind of ok with”, Principi says. “It’s not so out there that people are like ‘jesus I cant handle this’”. GoldFlakePaint, a UK-based music magazine, aptly described the Amphibious Man as a band who successfully mixes “spookery” with a “rigorous and forceful bout of hardened rock and roll”. ~ Anna Brown

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