World Dance Festival: Dancing Across Cultural Borders

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South Indian Bharata Natyam, North Indian Kathak, Chinese Opera Dances, West African Dance and Drumming from Guinea.

Bharata Natyam is considered one of the oldest of the four major dance forms of India. It is
indigenous to south India. It is usually performed by a solo dancer who portrays all the
characters in the performance, drawing from the mythology of the epics (the Mahabharata and
the Ramayana), from the ancient stories (Puranas) and from life experience. In India, literature,
music and dance are completely interdependent. Melodies (ragas) are chosen to fit the mood
(bhava) of a piece which itself is an interpretation of the poetic text of a song. Indian dance and
music combine the most elaborate of structures with the opportunity for improvisation.
Complex rhythmic patterns alternate with poetic text interpreted through the technique of
storytelling (abhinaya) using hand gestures and facial expressions. This performance will
feature Bharata Natyam in the style of T. Balasaraswati, India’s legendary master of this dance
form from the Tanjore court.
Kathak is the classical dance of North India which dates back to 1250 B.C. The word originates
from the Sanskrit Katha, meaning to tell a story. Kathak originated in the Hindu temples but is
also traced to the royal Mughal courts. Kathak has been uniquely enriched throughout its
history by a Persian influence as well as by the patronage of the Mughal kings. It is
characterized by fast spinning movements, lightening quick pirouettes and elegant sudden
Chinese Theatre Works’ commitment to preserving and nurturing the Chinese performing arts--
opera, puppetry, dance and music-- are reflected in our wide selection of programs based on
classical stage repertoire. These programs feature some of the finest classically trained Chinese
performing artists in the New York City area, in full stage make-up and costume. Each is
designed to satisfy the palates of connoisseurs while delighting general audiences.

Sidiki Conde is a dancer, drummer, and singer from Guinea, West Africa, who despite losing the
use of his legs when he was 14, followed his dream to become a dancer. With veterans of West
Africas premier dance and musical ensembles including Ballets Africains and Les Merveilles
dAfrique, Sidiki Conde founded Tokounou, named after his tribal village, in 1999. Through
Tokounous song, dance and musical arrangements, Conde celebrates the traditional arts of
Guinea and chronicles his unique journey as a person with a disability. Recently honored by the
NEA as a National Heritage Fellow, Sidiki leads a mesmerizing performance that will thrill
audiences with the power of the human spirit. Tokounou offers performances and workshops in
traditional West African song and dance for adults and children of all ages and abilities.

$20.00 - $25.00


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