Precious Child

Visceral and surreal, Precious Child’s prolific body of work exists at the convergence of body horror, conceptual art and experimental noise pop. Via music and visual media, the Los Angeles-based artist culls sonic inspiration from glossy mainstream pop, cacophonous industrial and undulating metal to create audiovisual work that confronts transformations in identity, perception and the nature of existence.

"A fascinating (NSFW) exploration of body dysphoria and the abstraction of gender identity...[pulling] sonic inspiration from industrial, dark, mainstream pop, and metal genres" - Paper Magazine

“Ominous, dark...mysterious and strange” - Brutal Resonance

"Moody, richly atmospheric, and lushly cinematic" - Bloody Disgusting

Hallucinogenic Bulb

Hallucinogenic Bulb is a vessel for the audio works of Dave Petersen. Utilizing samples pulled from both raw computer data and real life recordings, special software written using the Unity video game engine, and a variety of video game controllers as input devices, Hallucinogenic Bulb creates dark, visceral noise and soundscapes meant to completely consume the listener.

$10.00 - $12.00


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