Kat Milk Blu Debut Album Release

Kat Milk Blu

Kat Milk Blu is a live 5 piece funk-soul-rock n’ roll band that holds true to the musical spirit of the 70’s with modern-pop sensibilities. They have recently completed a 12 song debut album entitled 'Breakfast' to be released in July 2018.

Jo'shua Odine

Jo'shua Odine Is a Conscious Artiste ,and Guitar Vertuoso. Singing In ,and Writing in Several Different Ranges. Influenced by every style from Bossanova to Reggae , Blues, soul, but aware that all styles stem from Africa/ Ethiopia. He and his Younger (middle) brother were both born in Jefferson City Missouri ,and grew up in New Orleans , WInston Salem ,North Carolina ,and Finally Nashville Tennessee WHere He has Spent most of his life. From the first time he held a guitar , was obsessed with the Idear of having his own. At the age of 9 his father took he and his brother to a music shop in Nashville called "Joes Music". He chose an Acoustic Fender as his first axe and the rest is history. He started to compose his own original work Almost Immediately, and with time and experience has Grew to be "one of the best musicians in Nashville. Through lives experiences with all of the above . He gravitated toward the Liberationist Movement of Rastafari (the head to be reverenced), and Identifies himself as so. "Rasta has shown me what it is I am Here to do." Jo'shua odine aka Almost a ghost. A.a.g. Is also the name of his band , and 3 piece consisting of Dan twofold on the Drums ,and Adam Quellhorst on the Bass .

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