Few artists boast the creative scope of Lee Griffin and Hunter Watson professionally known as 'Legion'. From their humble debut in 2009 on their own seminal USA based label 'Sine Language' imprint, to now releasing globally renowned anthems on most every competitive label in the industry, it is apparent the duo's technicality often goes unrivaled. Owning a back catalogue ranging from precisely crafted techno rollers to the more recently acclaimed festival-grade vocal anthems merely exemplifies their lasting impression on the industry. It’s unsurprising that in 2015, Andy C's industry leading 'RAM Records' and his meticulous A&R team stepped in and signed the duo with an ambitious contract citing exclusivity to the RAM staple, and proposed the rather ambitious clause of three full-length artist albums. With the RAM imprint acting as a beacon for their unique creative voice, their identity as recording artists has just begun to come into fruition. Crafting a new lane for the genre in America with their undoubtably signature sound and steadily making advances to the summit of an exceptionally prosperous production and DJ career.

The group was forged in 2009 from early tech-step and jungle roots dating back to the No-U turn, Renegade Hardware, Virus, DSCI4 days at the heart of the UK scene. With over 25 years of combined experience behind the decks they have been existing as
touring Dj’s and producers since before the turn of the millennia.
After managing to get a few demos ready in spring of 2009 with the collaborative helpof NC-17 , Koldfront and the original founding members 'Advance' and Jason Andrews, The team landed a track in Virus Recordings bosses Ed Rush & Optical’s hands. This soon lead to their naturalization to the musical world under this new moniker and was officially stamped by Ed Rush & Optical live at their Travel The Galaxy LP TV Launch. Not wanting to conform to the current sound of any resident labels, long time friend Nathan Vinaill aka Skynet and Drum and Bass Arena’s own, The Risky, helped them slate their Debut EP to their brand new label, Sine Language Imprint. The Signal of Design EP ft. NC-17 and Koldfront was then well received by the myriad of Drum and Bass elite. It debuted with multiple Top 20 spots on Beatport’s Drum and Bass Top 100 Charts as well as the #4 release on the DNBA store. It was upon this very momentum in early 2010 which lead them to slate singles in the form of Devil with Aces ft. Genr8 to Bad Chemistry Recordings and the vocal track entitled Both Sides ft. Adam Wright to Grid Recordings’ sister label All Sorts Recordings.

The artists first introduced themselves to the UK scene with immediate credibility via debut on Pete Tong's Essential Mix with Netsky, subsequently garnering the attention Dj Hype, Hospital records and many more. This new crossover appeal with the inclusion of Rnb/Pop singer Adam Wright meant the duo was now breaking ground on a deeper side of traditional Drum and Bass. Soon 'Both Sides ft: Adam Wright' was receiving weekly rotation by Dj Hype on his Kiss100 FM Radio show in the UK. Realizing this new sound was taking hold, Dj Hype called forth the stateside producers namely to forge another piece like this for his upcoming Flavours series on Playaz during a live broadcast on his Kiss100 FM Radio show. The team quickly began gaining unanimous support from the very same artists that influenced their sound. Artists like Teebee & Calyx, Cause4Concern, Dieselboy, Upbeats, Dom & Roland, and Pendulum were supporting their productions on a global platform. The seeds for their future innovation had now been planted by the very legends of the genre. This inspiring time lead them by necessity to a period of full-time studio work. While sharing this studio space with long time friend and Shadow Law Recordings' boss, Anthony 'Mayhem' , Lee and Hunter were soon introduced by the to the likes of a fresh techno-fueled bedroom producer named Logam. They soon hit it off and teamed up for the dance floor stormers Blackout and House of Cards ft. Adam Wright earlier this year. The songs were a perfect marriage of classic Drum and Bass and future minimal experimentation. Blackout was immediately sent to Dj Hype’s inbox and slated for Flavours Vol. 5 with a release date of February of 2013 on Hype’s Playaz imprint.

It was no surprise when releases soon followed suit on the Industry's top labels. The venerable Hospital Records, Audioporn, the ProgRAM Imprint and now finally the worlds leading drum and bass label 'Ram Records'. With the duo's soulful form, precision engineering and meticulous detail dialed in on popular vocal production, they have somewhatt effortlessly crafted timeless, genre-bending records such as "Both sides' , 'House of Cards', 'To Be Alone', 'Waiting' and continuously improving upon the formula. Maintaining an obvious nod to the liquid sound prevalent throughout the breakbeat and drum and bass community and yet masterfully adding thier unique & personal experience that breathes a very refreshing air of truth into sums of their artistic output, have turned their own style of underground drum and bass into something that is distinctly palatable and new for their American audience. Precisely juxtaposing the USA's most original vocalists from the streets of Atlanta and Nashvile and Los Angeles with the complexity of the inherently UK based urban genre drum and bass / jungle, it is safe to assume Legion has set an ambitious precedent for a generation of American based artists. This culmination of sounds , culture and geography was the perfect project for both the imprint and the artists to embrace the American youth and the entire globe by means of festival stages and radio airwaves alike. Relentless, dark and brooding, but full of clarity and sentiment, this approach consummates a style which the producers are renowned for. With the vocal roller ‘House of Cards’ being picked up by some of the dance world’s leading tastemakers, it saw the production trio ascend to a very critical point in their career. And the glass ceiling has been broken; it was only apt for such rising stalwarts to be given the monumental 25th release in the label’s discography.
� ‘Holding On’ and ‘Afterthought’ also followed their exclusive signing to the Ram Group. pushing the fact that the last 18 months have certainly stood out; they've smashed the prototype and made an impression on both sides of the Atlantic. Continued output on Program like such recent additions as "To be alone ft Micah Freeman / and the & aptly titled dance floor smasher "Switch up" have pushed the duo even further onto the agenda’s forefront. In 2016 they've definitively smashed any high profile remixes given their way. The Scottish progressive house artist 'Grum' and his 1990's era piano anthem ‘Straight to Your Heart’ is no exception as it became a welcome addition on BBC Radio 1xtra and quickly found a home on the Hospital Records 2016 annual compilation. Their original tracks, remixes and live show have become synonymous with quality that would be expected from the top artists in the UK and abroad and their momentum is only getting stronger over this coming year with every high profile RAM release.

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