Black Metal band from Ghent, Belgium composed of members of Rise And Fall (2), Oathbreaker, and Amenra.


After numerous member changes and a series of growing pains, the current incarnation of Nefirum fully emerged in the early wintered days of 2013. With the release of a three song demo following shortly after, and an unrelenting determination to not be held back by member shortages, Nefirum has managed to return to the stage, without a live drummer (ha!), and is still going strong, booking shows, and becoming a respected name in the Kansas City metal underground. With an unwavering dedication to keeping Black Metal art alive, we intend to stay true to our roots, utilizing the aesthetics of the genre to further convey a sense of darkness and misanthropic distaste for the herd mentality.

Update: As of September 2013, our live drummer situation has resolved itself... NO MORE DIGI DRUMS!!! Praise Satan!!

$10.00 - $12.00

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