dimber, pronounced like the switch, is a punk band formed in 2016 in LA, California. Upbeat music for downbeat people. Charged up rainbow sparkles, short and fast, spindles and shards of the Clueless soundtrack aimed against social control. Theme songs of desperation and hope in the modern age.

They released the four song 7" damber - EP in 2017 and the 7" single Take Me Out b/w Sons and Daughters in 2018, both on Chain Letter Collective.

"Imagine the Descendents produced a riot grrrl band." - Candace Hansen, Razorcake.

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Neza Alexander

NEZA ALEXANDER are 2 musicians based in LA making hip-hop influenced with electronic music & sounds. Neza was born in Rwanda & transplanted to the midwest as a kid. Alex was born in Pennsylvania but grew up traveling & living in Asia/Europe.

Following a Red Bull Sound Select tour with Electric Guest, Alex began DJing more around LA & found himself playing a Mac Demarco show at the start of 2014. "I think it was then I realized that I wanted to make music with more substance & step out from the booth.....focus more on something real. I met Neza a month or so after that"

Neza, at the time, was working on a project dedicated to the love of synths & drum machines, as well as lending his vocals to different producers around LA. An idea for a new project arose & Neza sought out a producer, leading him to Alex, by way of his roommate.

The pair's 2nd release, "FREEZE" was premiered Nov. 2015 by Afropunk, very much about people trying to control your fate & needing to rise above it, whether it be police, friends, industry, etc.

2016 saw the two premiered in The 405 & then close out the year with another Afropunk premiere for their Trump-disdain-fueled track 'Thizzz'd Out'.

The guys were mentioned in Culture Collide in March 2017 for their work with Hands on the remix for Mothlight's 'Monarch'

"The reimaginations provided by Hands and Neza Alexander take nothing from the song's beauty." - Culture Collide.

2017 found the guys opening for Show Me The Body ahead of their 2nd Coachella appearance. The pair premiered a new grimy, synth-driven jam called 'Tape Decks' in Oct '17 via Earmilk & released a music video for the song as well. More on the way!

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