Pickwick Commons

Hope and the pursuit of self improvement are the driving force behind Indiana’s Pickwick Commons tidal wave of sound. With a wide range of influences from all ages of metalcore to the experimental and emotional hardcore scene, Pickwick Commons has created a massive sound of energy and passion that has been channeled into their single “Friends & Family” as well as their split EP “Short Lived” with Indiana hardcore band Old Poet. Pickwick Commons has come together over the course of three years, picking up talented, driven, and passionate members to fill out their current lineup. Started in late 2013 by drummer Brandon Stuck and then guitarist Adam Loellke, the band has grown dramatically in their songwriting with each release. With the addition of guitarist and vocalist Colin Fedorchak in the summer of 2015, Adam moving to vocals, and the introduction of Wesley Holland on bass in early 2016, Pickwick Commons is growing stronger and closer as time passes. With lyrics derived from self reflection on their own failings, the band strives to spread its message of self improvement and self awareness everywhere they go. With multiple tours under their belt and a solidified signature sound, the band now looks to move ahead with its DIY approach and spread “Short Lived” and their upcoming music as far as they can. With several more recording projects in the making, an intense live show, and tours planned to promote their music, Pickwick Commons is ready to hit the ground running and continue to make an impact on the scene.

Obscure Sanity

We are a metal band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We're five guys who love to play technical riffs, fast beats and scream our hearts out. We are really big on getting local bands noticed and playing around our home town as well as in Fort Smith and surrounding states. We are ready to play any shows that are offered to us and we won't disappoint.



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