Perhaps the key to the band’s dynamic is their diversity of taste. “We all have very different listening preferences,” Jason points out. Ryan is a string composer and self-proclaimed pop music fan. Nathan is interested in jazz. Jason has always been steadfast in his love of Rock and Roll. When it all comes together, Tesla Rossa delivers scuzzy rock jams and grand breakup anthems in the same breath, and always with an equal measure of power and finesse.

Long before moving to Nashville and kicking off his songwriting career, J. Marco listened to records in his Massachusetts bedroom, moving between the fast-moving fuzz of punk-rock and the hard-hitting hooks of pop music. Years later, he combines both of those genres and more on Days Of Surrender, his second album as a solo artist.

Days Of Surrender finds J. Marco pulling triple-duty as singer, songwriter, and lead guitarist. He covers a good deal of ground along the way, from the album's propulsive single, "Love Don't Matter" to the anthemic rock & roll of "See Her Tonight" "Now That It's Over" & "Say Goodbye.” Gluing the entire album together is an emphasis on guitar riffs and undeniable melodies, the same two ingredients that connected most of Marco's childhood influences.

Apollo Wild is a musical group located in Nashville, TN.

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