Rockin' for Rhinos 2018

With a combination of rock, country and folk Great Peacock write clean and direct songs filled with common truths that people of all walks of life can relate to. Truly a band to behold live, the band can have you raising your glass and shouting one moment and a second later have you pining to be with a former lover.

Pet Envy formed in Nashville, TN in 2015. Since then the quintet has quickly gained a loyal following and is thrilling audiences with their radio-friendly sing-a-longs. They captured their first award as Best Pop Band at the Nashville Industry Music Awards in Summer 2016. The band is winning over more fans and critics alike with their hybrid pop, rock, R&B sound. Quickly capitalizing on their early success, the band has finished recording their follow up EP with special guest appearances from Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews, Béla Fleck), Roy Agee ( Prince, Glenn Miller Orchestra), and once again produced by Josh Reynolds ( Little Big Town, Joe Nichols) & Trevor Anema. Released in September 2017, Flowers for Your Brain is a sonic dream that will captivate audiences and keep hips shaking.

Breakout Psych-Pop project TAYLS is a lighthouse to guide your heart home. An East Nashville Supergroup created by vocalist/writer/multi-instrumentalist Taylor Cole, TAYLS is a rebellion against the Nashville standard. After almost a decade of performing in various Nashville-based bands (Creature Comfort/ Chalaxy) Cole is ready for something new.

The Aquaducks

The Aquaducks have been making waves in and around Music City as a high octane funk and soul band with a live energy that is rarely matched. The Ducks' first two singles "Nightlife" and "Bill's Toupée" immediately caught the attention of local radio station Lighting 100, and have continued to receive regular air play. Described by Brooklyn, NY blog Pancakes and Whiskey as "Dripping with enough funk to fill several swimming pools," The Aquaducks have created a new sound with influences ranging from Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder to Lettuce and James Brown.

The Fall of 2016 has seen The Aquaducks' song "What's Goodington" featured the movie trailer for "Baked in Brooklyn" as well as the release of their debut full length live album "Live at the Beast." Fans new and old are now able to experience the high energy show that has critics calling them "probably one of the best duck-themed funk bands of all time." In the meantime, if The Aquaducks are playing in your town, put on some dancing shoes and go see one of the best live bands that Nashville has to offer.

Creature Comfort

Creature Comfort is a Nashville-based four-piece that offer a refreshing and alternative take on traditional indie rock. The band thrives in the delicate spaces between experimental and approachable, penning highly-versatile pop tunes that dabble in everything from psych to surf to folk to country.

The close-knit quartet of Middle Tennessee natives hail from disparate musical backgrounds, but all share an energetic passion for inventive songwriting and a hands-on productionstyle. Three-fourths of the quartet grew up together, but it was not until college that they decided to play music on the same team. Soon after they formed Creature Comfort, releasing their well-received, debut album Fox Tales in 2013. An impressivecollection of alternative rock jams, Fox Tales features emotive lyrics and sweeping guitar licks, paired with mobile bass lines and unique production effects. Creature Comfort played numerous shows and multiple tours in support of their debut. After, they took a brief hiatus and retreated to the studio, returning in May 2016 with a new EP Echoes & Relics.

On Echoes & Relics, the band has fully settled into their sound. The EP is full of lush vocals and shimmering guitar tones, thanks to the ever-evolving, production wizardy of guitarist and in-house producer Cole Bearden. In addition, increasingly-sophisticated songwriting from frontman and rhythm guitarist Jessey Clark and matured compositions from the quartet help make for a highly-absorbing batch of songs.



Temple Wildlife

Temple Wildlife was formed through the forge of commitment, trust, and resilience.

Created in 2016, Temple Wildlife founders Adam Griffith (Baton Rouge, LA) and Jared Evers (Portland, OR) met each other in Nashville. After countless hours and a myriad of long nights spent in Evers' studio (a glorified basement), their lamenting over five songs was concluded. They began tracking their first EP.

Temple Wildlife is an indie rock band you can root for.

Long nights and entire weekends were spent tracking their first album. Since both Evers and Griffith had to work day jobs, they spent any leftover hours in the studio, meticulously pouring over the EP.
Other than the collaboration of a few friends and their instruments, the album was produced and engineered entirely by Griffith and Evers. You can hear influences like Bon Iver, Radiohead, The Killers, Local Natives, and Sigur Rós. You may even notice the homage to Gloria Estefan and Stranger Things.

While maintaining and channeling all these musical influences, Black Beans EP is a fresh and exciting listen. Balancing intriguing vocals, spacey guitars, warbled synths – oh, and tons of reverb – you can hear an array of genres, from pop tracks like There Is Fire to straight up '80s grooves like Prides.

Fox Grin is an Art Rock/Dream Pop band from Atlanta, GA. Characterized by innovative song formulas, classical yet contemporary arrangements, strong rock groove, and strong melodies with occasional harmonies, Fox Grin creates painting-like soundscapes while maintaining a pop song sensibility.
Most people would complain if they heard the guy next door making a racket. David Bean did just the opposite. “I could hear the drums . . . There was literally a wall separating us,” Bean remembers. “I heard the two songs they were working on, and I walked over and was like, ‘Hey I like that!’”That neighbor was Thomas Chapman, singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter of Fox Grin, the art rock project Bean would end up joining weeks later. After some lineup changes, the band became a duo, prompting them to leave their hometown of Atlanta and take their chances in Nashville. Drawing from influences like The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Nirvana, and Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu, the duo transports listeners into a cinematic dreamstate that blurs the line between traditional pop structures and orchestral soundscapes.

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