Nedelle Torrisi

In May, Nedelle Torrisi released a solo album "Only For You" via Frenchkiss Records. In the past few years she has toured extensively opening for and in Sufjan Stevens' band, and has appeared on albums by Stevens, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, and Blood Orange. Her music sounds like a mix of 90s R&B and 60s girl groups.

The Los Angeles-based ensemble Sonoda(suh-NO-duh) is the full band realization of Lisa Sonoda’s bedroom project.

The full live band expands on these songs with six members each shaping the blooming melodies and stereophonic wash that defines Sonoda.

A live full-length album, Karaoke Life is due out on Never Content Records in the fall of 2018.

Billy Uomo

Billy Uomo has recently released two in a series of ten EPs. In his previous band Babes, he made sunny, Beach Boys-like songs. Solo Billy Uomo sounds like the Beach Boys and Doo-Wop on quaaludes.



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