Brian Revels & Griffin Winton

Brian Revels

Brian Revels is energy and angst in a comet trail of music that is as perceptive as it is entertaining. He hearkens back to an earlier time, a bygone era when words were true and hearts were strong. His observations of Americana ring with authenticity, with
the rawness of earth, the clarity of rainwater and the depth of the sky.

He’s a wily veteran of the Atlanta, Georgia music scene, a multi-
instrumentalist, a natural-born storyteller with a poetic edge. He helped to build the band City Mouse into a regional force before it was finally time to step out on his own. He’s from folk and blues and country and bluegrass, an alternative to them all and a better man for their influences. The hole he’s worn in his guitar is not as large as the one he’s worn in his heart with the cares of the lives he hopes he can redeem one song at a time.

Be sure you see him now so you can say you knew him when – before the wider world discovers him and lifts him away. His timeless musicality will touch your soul with the drama, and the significance, of love lost and regained, of the human frailty that reduces and yet ennobles each of us.

Griffin Winton

It's hard to pin down Griffin Winton's thing. He's a triple threat: guitar player, singer, and songwriter whose music borrows from many different musical traditions. Raised on country and southern rock, his guitar playing and singing bare an unshakeable twang. At the same time, many songs show hints of more modern indie rock sensibilities, and at the heart of all Griff's music is a commitment to Howlin' Wolf's notion, "If it's in the groove, everybody loves it." This combination turns into a genre-defying musical experience that has something for everyone without sounding watered-down or generic.

As a member of Nashville Alt-country collective The Big Dumb, Griff lends his singing and playing to some of the most subversive and beautiful songs being written today. With the likes of Sally Jaye, India Ramey, Rayvon Pettis, and Lauren Farrah--among others--Griff is at the cutting edge of Americana in Music City. This has led to very exciting gigs including South by Southwest, Musician's Corner, the Basement East, The 5 Spot, and the Basement to name a few.

$8.00 - $12.00


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